Martin Rieth - Political Statement

Politics? Fuck it? Fuck all of the system, and what it does to mankind!

Well , I am not really this kind of political person! I startet my political way through life as a spokesman for the summercamp. I liked it in a way and started to make a newspaper at school about school. Was some years the spokesman of our boarding school.
After looking and working around a while I got in contact with the real dogmatist of political way of life and stopped being interested too much!
Now I tend to the red, social and natural side of political life, but have one major question left:
What can I do with all the knowledge about poltics and it's history?
I have the following in mind: Nothing!

If you have a straight and healthy mind, own some ethics and moral, there is NO need for those stupid politics, those debates those wars.
The trouble is: The average voter does NOT fit these conditions, neither does any politician!

Q: What I hate most in politics?
A: Journalism