Martin Rieth - My Religious way
Truth is that, who's contradictory is also truth!

I DO NOT belong to any kind of church or religion! The reason is, that I do not accept myself as a dumb follower to some old rules, as most churches seem to me are demanding!
All the positive religions have the same main idea:
        Feel love and be not too greedy for anything!
I DO love the earth and most of it's components, even the mankind or better particularly because of the mankind, who knows?

My favorite religious persons are:
  • Gandhi
  • Buddha
  • Jesus
  • Bhagwhan (Osho)
  • Diogenes
  • Sokrates
  • My mentor at boarding school My main question about religion is:
    Q: What is the difference between ME (or yourself) and (any) GOD?
    A: There are blasphemous definitions and people saying: YOU ARE NOT GOD!

    That is not enough for me! Any better ideas? All that there is said about GOD could be said about everyone! There is not one proof of any definition! So feel invited to disprove that I am (any) GOD! Click to eMail me any disproval!