Martin Rieth - Rest of Rest

What I didn't mention!

My offical address is:
Martin A. Rieth / Kurze Str. 15 / 37073 Göttingen / Tel.: 0551 / 541122

Future Projects:
  • Get famous
  • Get rich
  • Get enlightened
  • Get my DIPLOM! Finally! :-)

    What I want to do to accomplish the above!
  • Programming in Hot Java
  • Teaching and Programming for Money
  • Not doing anything the way it is supposed to do
  • Doing everything the way it is supposed to do

    In the early days I had the pseudonym MARVEL which evolved from Martin Andres Rieth, I had a fictitious Company with the name SQLab!
    Nowadays I changed this (as might have noticed) to BrainMan and the fictitious Company-Name to IceQ, this evolved from the following:
  • Ice Cool
  • Ice Cube
  • IQ
  • I use the following signs: